Darling Marine Center
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Online access to data sets collected at the Darling Marine Center

Temperature & Cholorphyll Data
Dr. Mary Jane Perry's laboratory has been collecting temperature and chlorophyll data off the DMC dock since 2002. The data can be found at the Perry Phytoplankton & Optics Lab web site.

Lobster Settlement Index
Dr. Rick Wahle's laboratory is active in a long-term monitoring program of lobster nurseries across New England and Atlantic Canada and measures the strength of each year class. The American Lobster Settlement Index (ALSI) is a compilation of this data and available via the Wahle Lab web page.

Hydrographic Survey Data from the Kennebec, Sheepscot & Damariscotta Rivers
Presented here are the results of a Maine-New Hampshire Sea Grant study assessing the roles of river discharge on the hydrography, nutrient regmes, planktonic populations, and suspended particulates in three midcoast rivers. Sea Grant Technical Report