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Graduate Students at the DMC
Graduate students based at the DMC are enrolled in the University of Maine's School of Marine Sciences Graduate Program and are pursing a M.S. or Ph.D. in Marine Biology, Oceanography or Marine Policy. For more information about the SMS Graduate Programs, contact the program coordinators:

SMS Graduate Program of Oceanography
Dr. Mary Jane Perry • perrymj@maine.edu • (207) 563-8339

SMS Graduate Program of Marine Biology
Dr. Sara Lindsay• slindsay@maine.edu • (207) 581-2739

SMS Graduate Program of Marine Policy
Dr. Yong Chen • ychen@maine.edu • (207) 581-4303

SMS Marine Science and Policy Dual Degree Program
Dr. Yong Chen • ychen@maine.edu • (207) 581-4303

Steve Auscavitch
M.S. candidate, Marine Biology
Advisor: Dr. Rhian Waller
Steve Auscavitch
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Research interests: the effects of climate change coral habitats, and the biology, ecology and geographical distribution of cold-water corals.

S. Bayer

Skylar Bayer
Ph.D. candidate, Marine Biology
Advisor: Dr. Rick Wahle
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Research interests: the biology, reproduction, and ecology of the sea scallop, Placopectin magellanicus, and the effects of population density on scallop fertilization success.

N. Briggs

Nathan Briggs
Ph.D. candidate, Oceanography
Advisor: Dr. Mary Jane Perry
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Research interests:Using autonomous (robotic) optical measurements of phytoplankton and particle size to track oceanic CO2 uptake and long-term storage.

J. McHenry

Jennifer McHenry
M.S. candidate, Dual Degree Program: Marine Biology & Marine Policy
Advisors: Dr. Bob Steneck 7 Dr. Teresa Johnson

Research interests: Understanding the physical factors driving the distribution, abundance, community structure and diversity of seafloor dwelling organisms in the Gulf of Maine; Using ecological knowledge of benthic community assembly to create maps and models that will inform policy and management decisions to be made in Maine (i.e. offshore wind power siting, ecosystem based fisheries management, and ocean planning.)

A. Simpson

Anne Simpson
Ph.D. candidate, Marine Biology
Advisors: Dr. Les Watling & Dr. Kevin Eckelbarger

Research interests: reproduction in deep & cold water octocorals.