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Flowing Seawater LaboratroyMarine Culture Laboratory

The DMC has two flowing seawater laboratories on our waterfront campus. The Flowing Seawater Facility (FSL, above left) was originally built in the late 1960's and expanded in 1991. The ground floor of this building now includes a modern wet lab and office/lab space for visiting investigators. Office and lab space for resident faculty and graduate students are located on the second floor, as is the Histology and Electron Microscopy Center (scroll down for details).

The Marine Culture Laboratory (MCL, above right) was completed in 2001. As it's name implies, this facility is set-up for culture of marine organisms, predominantly shellfish. This facility includes a broodstock and quarantine room, larval room, algal culture facility and research bays for visiting investigators. The MCL is the site of Dr. Mary Jane Perry's Optical Oceanography Lab and the MCL classroom.

Pumps at the end of the DMC pier push 500 gallons of seawater per minute to head tanks in the MCL. From there gravity pulls the seawater through the wet labs and classrooms, back to the river. The ambient flow-through system enables researchers to hold native organisms for further study and controlled experiments. A quarantine room is available for holding non-native species.

Flowing Seawater Laboratorywet labVisitor lab space

Both wet labs have modular tank racks and a variety of tank sizes that facilitate flexible experimental set-up and design, and the capacity for chilled or heated seawater. Environmental chambers, walk-in coolers and state-of-the-art instrumentation for a wide variety of research interests are also available.

Our visitor laboratories average 100 square feet. Each includes running fresh water, phone, internet access and plenty of storage and works pace. Visiting investigators have access to general use equipment and wet lab tank space. General use equipment includes: micro-balance, water baths, shakers, incubators, fume hoods and darkroom.

The DMC invites visiting researchers to conduct on site. Office and laboratory space in our flowing seawater laboratories are available for rent year round. Contact our Laboratory Manager for additional information: temiller@maine.edu

Flowing Seawater Laboratory
Plankton culture facilities
RO pure water purification system
Olympus BX-FLA fluorescence equipped microscope w/SLR camera attachment
Coulter Counter
UV-VIS spectrophotometer
Ultra-cold freezer
Walk-in environmental chambers
Video-equipped compound and dissecting Olympus microscopes

Biogeochemistry Laboratory
Canberra Gamma/Alpha Detection System
C-H-N-S elemental analyzer
High pressure liquid chromatographs
Flame and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Freeze dryer
Iatroscan TLC/FID analyzer
Microplate reader
Microwave sample prep system
Milli-Q water purification system
Miniflex x-ray diffractometer
Sorvall super speed refrigerated centrifuge
Surface area analyzers
Dissolved organic carbon analyzer
UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Histology/Electron Microscopy Center
AMRAY 1000 scanning electron microscope
Zeiss 900 transmission electron microscope
Critical point dryer
Sputter coater
Light microscopes — including those with epifluorescence, Nomarski interference and image analysis capabilities