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The Louise Dean Library is arguably the Center’s most important facility. Named in honor of the DMC's first librarian, it is used extensively by resident faculty and students, and by visiting investigators, summer interns and Semester by the Sea undergraduates. The library space was expanded in 2005 thanks to a $200,000 facility award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and matching funds from the University of Maine. The facility now boasts a 3,900 square foot floor plan and includes expanded space for books and bound journals, as well as a spacious journal reading room and study carrols.

The DMC Library collection contains over 9,000 items and current subscriptions to over 160 marine science serials. Approximately 40% of the serials are unique holdings within the state. The library also has access to many more electronic journals and a variety of databases from other scientific disciplines including:

As part of the Fogler Library at the University of Maine in Orono, all DMC Library online resources, including the library catalog and databases, can be accessed via the Fogler Library web page: http://www.library.umaine.edu.

DMC Library facilities and services:

Questions concerning the DMC Library should be directed to:

Randy Lackovic, Librarian
Darling Marine Center/Louise Dean Library
207-563-8193 or 207-581-5193

Jim Bird, Librarian
Science & Engineering Center, Fogler Library

The Louise Dean Library Fund
The DMC Library had very humble beginnings. In 1966, the DMC Library occupied just four shelves of the canning closet in the basement of Mr. Darling’s farmhouse. In 1969, Louise Dean was hired as a part-time librarian and the library was moved to the top floor of the Horse Barn. In 1980 the library was moved to main floor of the Horse Barn where it remained until 2005. During this time the library holding grew, and up to 30% of the collection was housed in various places around campus.

In 2001, when the library expansion project got underway, the DMC established the LOUISE DEAN LIBRARY FUND to complement the proposed NSF funds and to honor its founding librarian. The library fund is used for student computers, printers, carousels, bookshelves, and relatively small necessities that sometimes go unfunded in the larger scheme of things.

If you would like to make a donation, please send your tax deductible donation to:

Louise Dean Library Fund
Darling Marine Center
193 Clarks Cove Road
Walpole, ME 04573

Thanks for your support!

Invertebrate Biology & Ecology Collection Donated to the DMC Library, 2006
We are pleased to announce a wonderful donation from Dr. John Dearborn, University of Maine Professor Emeritus of Marine Sciences. John has donated a portion of his private collection of reprints, monographs and books on invertebrate biology and ecology to the DMC Library.
Thanks John!