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Students in the Introduction to Research Diving class took their "final exam" at the UMaine campus pool in Orono last week. Reporters from two local news agencies stopped by to interview students. Posted 12/9/13.
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Dr. Ivona Cetinić joined Tara Expeditions on it’s Polar Circle 2013 cruise this autumn. The expedition is an international effort to study the Arctic ecosystem. On board, Ivona will collect particulate organic carbon data for her global carbon cycle research. Other UMaine faculty from the School of Marine Sciences participating on Tara expeditions include Dr. Emmanuel Boss and Dr. Lee Karp-Boss. Posted 12/9/13

The Working Waterfront reported on the publication of a journal article written by University of Maine marine scientists Robert Steneck and Richard Wahle. “American lobster dynamics in a brave new ocean,” was published in a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science titled “American Lobster in a Changing Ecosystem: U.S.-Canada Science Symposium.” The journal includes scientific presentations made at the symposium in November 2012. Steneck and Wahle’s research states that due to fewer predators, warming water, an influx of warm-water species and risks of disease, traditional conditions of the American lobster in the North Atlantic no longer exist. Posted 12/9/13.

The full article can be read here.

The Maine Edge reported on University of Maine marine scientist Rhian Waller being named a Fellow in the Explorers Club, an elite international group of adventurers who encourage scientific discovery while exploring land, sea and space. Waller has completed more than 40 diving expeditions around the planet and was named a 21st-century risk taker who presses the limits by National Geographic magazine. Posted 12/9/13

School of Marine Science faculty received funding from the National Science Foundation for a collaborative study of the economic consequences of a changing Gulf of Maine ecosystem as a result of warming ocean waters. Dr. Andrew Pershing heads the project. Dr. Rick Walhe, here at the DMC is part of the project. Read more here. Posted 12/9/13.

Lobster Symposium Proceedings Now Available

A special issue of the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences featuring the proceedings of the US-Canada Science Symposium: The American Lobster in a Changing Ecosystem is available at http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/toc/cjfas/current.

The symposium was held November 27-30, 2012 in Portland, Maine, and was co-chaired by Dr. Rick Wahle of UMaine’s School of Marine Sciences/Darling Marine Center, Dr. Andrea Battison of the University of Prince Edward Island, and Paul Anderson of Maine Sea Grant.

Dr. Bob Steneck set sail in early October, bound for the Caribbean Sea where he will study the the resilience of coral reefs along the Antillean archipelago. With funding from the National Geographic Society, Bob and his colleagues want to determine if effective fisheries management can substantially improve conditions of coral reefs despite on going climate and atmospheric stresses. Follow his travels and his research at http://bobsteneck.blogspot.com

Dr. Rachel Lasley-Rasher can be heard on "Living on Earth" discussing the challenges of finding a date when your a tiny copepod in a big ocean. Listen now: http://www.loe.org/shows/segments.html?programID=13-P13-00042&segmentID=4