Darling Marine Center
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Walpole, ME 04573

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Visiting Investigators at the DMC

Located on the pristine waters of the Damariscotta River Estuary, the Darling Marine Center is a user-friendly field station for marine researchers. Competitive rates and easy access to diverse intertidal habitats and the Gulf of Maine have drawn hundreds of scientists to the DMC in the last decade; many returning year after year. Our professional support staff can provide assistance with specimen collection, equipment use, laboratory setup, and housing.

Marine research has never been easier!

Peruse the laboratory and instrumentation section of our website or contact our lab manager at temiller@maine.edu for more information.

I had most comfortable accommodations, lab space was great, and everyone was really helpful in making sure I got what I needed to finish work — even the bryozoans cooperated. I will be back!

~ Dr. Judy Winston

Recent Visiting Investigators at the DMC include:

Dr. April Blakeslee, SERC, MD
Dr. Jeff Book, Naval Research Laboratory, MS
Dr. Matt Bracken, Northeastern University, MA
Dr. Jeffery Cornwell, Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland, MD
Dr. Kevin Crisman, Texas A&M, TX
Dr. James Douglass, Northeastern University, MA
Dr. Amy Fowler, SERC, MD
Dr. Scott France, University of Louisiana, LA
Dr. Aaren Freeman, Adelphi University, NY
Dr. Alan Hodgson, Rhodes University, South Africa
Dr. Michael Horst, Mercer University School of Medicine, GA
Dr. Josh Idjadi, Eastern Connecticut State University, CT
Dr. Leland Johnson, Emeritus, Augustana College, SD
Dr. Bill Kier, University North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC
Christopher Maloney, BioProcess Algae, L.L.C., ME & RI
Dr. Michael McCartney, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, NC
Bill Mook, Mook Sea Farm, ME
Dr. Doug Morse, Brown University, RI
Dr. Roger Newell, Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland, MD
Dr. Alvaro Palma, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Dr. Mary Beth Saffo, Harvard University, MA
Dr. Larry Sanford, Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland, MD
Dr. Lee Smee, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Dr. Gene Smith, Texas Christian University, TX
Dr. Noah Snyder, Boston College, MA
Dr. Joe Thompson, Franklin and Marshall College, PA
Dr. Geoff Trussell, Northeastern University, MA
Dr. Alan Wanamaker, Iowa State University, IA
Dr. Judy Winston, Virginia Museum of Natural History, VA
Dr. Phil Yund, Downeast Institute, ME